I need a better description

I am a technology leader, software and systems architect, guitarist and luthier from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I lead a team of Marketing Technologists who live and breathe in the Digital space.

Deploy Wyam to an Azure Web App

Easy deployment with Git and Kudu

Now that I've got Wyam running on my workstation, I need to work out the deployment methodology for publishing content to my Azure Web App. My objective is to have a painless, largely automated process that allows me to focus on writing.

Blogging with Wyam

The evolution of my blogging platform

This weekend I ported my blog from static content generated by Octopress to the static site generation platform, Wyam. After several years ignoring the site based on the Jekyll derivative, I felt it was time to move to a generator based on technologies that allow me to focus on writing.

Git Tips and Tricks

A few helpful tips to make life with Git easier

I've been using Git for quite some time and I've come to really enjoy it. It might be a little weird to say that I enjoy my source control system, but it makes development so much easier in so many ways. Now, I will admit that our relationship wasn't always awesome; working with Git can have a steep learning curve. I've invested a lot of time in learning to use Git, so I've put together a few helpful tips for you.