I was a teenage Doppelgänger

I am a technology leader, software and systems architect, guitarist and luthier from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I like dogs and cake more than most people.

Why I scribe notes by hand

Take a break from the keyboard and scribe your notes by hand

For years I used Evernote to scribe meeting notes, capture ideas, and itemize my to-do items. Several years ago I started keeping a bullet journal to give myself a break from the glare of a computer monitor, and I've not looked back.

The Importance of Story

Gain influence and get your way with a good story

Creating a compelling story is one of the most important skills a technology leader must develop. You'll use storytelling to convince your boss that your ideas are good ones, and influence your peers to take your advice.

Deploy Wyam to an Azure Web App

Easy deployment with Git and Kudu

Now that I've got Wyam running on my workstation, I need to work out the deployment methodology for publishing content to my Azure Web App. My objective is to have a painless, largely automated process that allows me to focus on writing.