Handling Unhandled ASP.NET Exceptions

Gain insight into your 500 errors

At some point in their career everyone who creates ASP.NET applications has had issues with their site throwing exceptions that aren't trapped.  We end up displaying a friendly error page at best, and at worst display the yellow ASP.NET error screen of death.  Generally speaking it's best practice to configure your ASP.NET application to use friendly error pages so that your users aren't presented with an exception and stack trace that are meaningless to them.

Nullable Types and ADO.NET Parameters

Hello there null coalescing operator

As most people are aware the .NET 2.0 framework supports nullable value types.  There are many articles on this topic and a few that address the issues of using nullable types in combination with your code.  However, most of these discuss the issue of using nullable types in combination with the DbDataReader objects, though few address the conflicts that arise when using a nullable type to set or get an parameter value.