Current Projects

From time to time I contribute to a few projects on Github. A few of them are listed here.


Cinderblock is a simple framework designed to provide object model consistency and other useful functionality commonly used in modern software applications.

Source Code (SirkleZero/cinderblock)

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Archived Projects

These are old projects that I created more than an age of technology ago. I no longer work on these and they are only really around for the nostalgia.

You Poor Bastard

The combination of a delicious lunch, computer white noise, and a cube that's just a touch too warm has you all prepped and ready for a nap, when your project manager shows up at the side of your chair with a request you'd rather not hear...

"Bob found a bug in the blabity blah module, can you fix it before you leave? He mentioned that you'd be able to find the source code in, what did he call it... that "source server" database thinger you guys used to use".

Oh yeah, source safe. It gets better though; no one at the company was around when that code was written, and to top it off the last person who had working credentials to access the code retired 50 years ago.

You. Poor. Bastard.

This app won't fix your headache, but at least it will help you get into the source safe database so you can migrate code to something a bit more sensible.

Source Code (SirkleZero/you-poor-bastard)

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Spherical Distance Calculator

Console application that illustrates calculating distances between two points on a sphere.

Source Code (SirkleZero/spherical-distance-calculator)

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MSBuild - DiffCopy

A custom MSBuild task that will compare two directories and return a list of new, modified and orphaned files. This functionality is particularily useful for doing differential build/deployment on very large projects.

For example, rather than deploy a large number of files, or numerous large files that havent changed, simply deploy only the files that are new or have been modified.

Source Code (SirkleZero/MSBuild-DiffCopy)

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