A bit about me

My name is Joshua Gall

I work at Aurora Health Care, Inc., the largest health care provider in the state of Wisconsin where I serve as the Director of Marketing Technology. I lead a team of talented software and systems engineers who deliver digital experiences that service our marketing needs. We leverage technologies like Microsoft Azure, Elasticsearch, Machine Learning, MongoDB and Sitecore to deliver exceptional experiences for our users.

My personal life is surprisingly simple. Married, but without children, my wife and I enjoy our time together just living life as best friends and partners in crime. Like many professional technologists, I spend a lot of personal time with computers. I run a modest network at home that supports our media streaming needs with Plex, file sharing with FreeNAS and security with pfSense. I don't game as much as I used to, which I'm proud of and sad about at the same time. I read voraciously, mostly sci-fi and fantasy and have a passion for all things technology with a fondness for old, sometimes ancient technologies.

For more than 30 years I've played guitar with a focus on Rock, Metal and Classical and am currently a Student at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music studying classical guitar performance under Tom Clippert. I listen to nearly everything musical, and a lot of things that most wouldn't consider music at all.

I lived for a time in La Herradura, Granada, Spain where I studied traditional Spanish guitar lutherie under the instruction of master luthier Stephen Hill.

I am not really into social media

I been "online" since the early 90's, and find that as I've gotten older I much prefer time with those I care about in real life rather than social media channels. I don't really maintain an active facebook or twitter account, but I can be found in a few places: