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The Status of .netSavant

I have this awesome little ADO.NET code generator called .netSavant.  It analyzes your stored procedures and generates an optimized wrapper class that encapsulates the logic for execution.  After using it myself for quite some time, I thought, oddly, that I could make a little extra cash from the endeavor.  Heh, sadly I was wrong.  Dispite a lot of interest, few people were interested in paying $50 for a visual studio addin that saved a LOT of time and buggy code.  Wierd, but whatever.

So, with mixed feelings I killed the project.  It simply cost too much money to maintain the website and merchant account for a product that only sold a handful of licenses over the 18-24 months.

I’m left wondering what to do with the project.  There are a few options:

  1. Create a codeplex project
  2. Host the source code myself
  3. Release the addin as freeware (no source code)
  4. Release the addin as freeware with sponsorship (uhg, gross right?) (no source code)
  5. Leave the project inactive and move on to other exciting technologies

I’m wondering if I really want to spend more effort supporting the project as a whole, though with so much time invested, its hard to walk away from it.  Part of me would like to see more people use .netSavant, if only to justify the time I spent creating it.  I’d also like the challenge of updating some of the methodology used to generate the source code, and possibly provide some extensibility points to enhance the analysis features that it supports.

Perhaps some day .netSavant will be resurrected in a better form.  Until that time, thanks for your interest and support.


I’ve moved the .netSavant project to Github and begun the process of porting it to a newer version of .NET as well as a few other major enhancements. Check it out!