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.netSavant RC1 Released!

I’m proud to announce the release of my new code generating addin, .netSavant.  You can download the release candidate on the website from our download page.

The addin will help you create robust code with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Additionally it will generate best practice implementations of three (currently) system interfaces:

  • System.IEquatable
  • System.IDisposable
  • System.ICloneable

Currently I am working on the example code that will help to explain how to best use the code that is generated.  I’m also working on more and better F.A.Q. entries to answer those pesky little problems that come along with learning a new tool.

If there is any functionality that you’d like to see added to the addin let me know; I’ll entertain any reasonable request.


I’ve moved the .netSavant project to Github and begun the process of porting it to a newer version of .NET as well as a few other major enhancements. Check it out!