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.netSavant 1.1.6 Released

I’ve been working on this latest release of .netSavant for some time now, and released it on 11/23/2008.  Its a pretty substantial update, though it may not look so much so at first glance.  There are a few things of note that are included in this release:

  • Created Tools Options Page options to select which methods will be implemented for statements (stored procedures and inline sql).  This allows greater customization of the code that .netSavant generates by excluding methods that you never use.  Personally I never use DataTable or DataSet objects, so I have .netSavant configured to exclude these methods when generating my code.
  • Simpler Unit testing support is achieved by not including code that you have no intention of using.  See the point above.
  • Updated the VB.NET and C# code generation framework to format the generated code a bit more cleanly.  Who likes messy code right?
  • Updated VB.NET generated code to use using statements rather than Try blocks for objects that implement the IDisposable interface.
  • Updated the database connection form to default to the SQL Server provider rather than forcing you to select it each time.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

I highly recommend upgrading to this version, visiting the Tools > Options page to set your preferences, and regenerating any legacy .netSavant code.


I’ve moved the .netSavant project to Github and begun the process of porting it to a newer version of .NET as well as a few other major enhancements. Check it out!