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Creating Streaming Tutorials With Silverlight

I’ve wanted to work with Silverlight for some time now, though I’ve not had a use for the technology until recently.  I wanted to create tutorial videos for .netSavant to help people learn a bit about the product.  After a bit of searching I found a fantastic code project article written by Karl Shifflett that walks you through the entire process of not only creating a high quality screen capture tutorial, but publishing it as a streaming silverlight video.

Click Here to read the article

To date I’ve only created and published a single tutorial for .netSavant. I’ve several more planned that will hopefully be a bit more polished as I become more comfortable talking, effectively, to no one.


I’ve moved the .netSavant project to Github and begun the process of porting it to a newer version of .NET as well as a few other major enhancements. Check it out!